Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The well and a ropeway

I told about the well that I went to with Kyryl. These are some pictures from one day when I went to that park in daylight.

People here don't drink water from the taps because it tastes funny or it is unhealthy, or something. So we have to buy it from a shop or go to a well like this. Here the water is more fresh and it is also free.

I think here maybe you can buy bottles but the shop is closed. I guess it is not very good business because most people already have bottles.

I went from the park through this place which sort of fascinated me.

Then I came to this place with a ropeway. It goes back near the city center so I decided to try it.

In the beginning it is not very high up.

Towards the end the ropeway goes very high above the trees. I actually do not like heights so I was glad that it was only later that I learned that this thing often breaks and then firemen have to help people get out. At one point it actually stopped for a while and then started moving again unsteadily.

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