Friday, May 4, 2007

1st of May

The 1st of May was my birthday and in Ukraine they treat this big day with the proper respect, we had three days off from work. The following pictures are from that day and most of them are courtesy Andrey (the ones in good quality).

That day it was the commies demonstrating. They were mostly old people.

I wanted to invite some people for my birthday so I had made this very funny invitation.

The funny invitation paid off and so I got some very nice presents. I got a spoon and a flute and one of these traditional shirts which I always wanted. I also got some Ukrainian chocolates and some vodka from Poltava.

At the party we played a lot of games which Max brought. This one is called Twister and even though I cheated I also lost. The girl in brown is Eugenia who also works at the office (the others have been on my blog before).

We also played charades (gæt og grimasser). This one is a tough one.

Later we were just chilling with some drinks and music. I thought I had bought too much vodka but they finished it all and also some beers. The guy in stripes is one of my new colleagues Roman and the girl is his girlfriend.

More chilling and more music.

I wanted people to know what we call borsch in Denmark which is something quite different than in Ukraine. I guess Andrey was quite surprised.

Then there was another game which was also fun. To the left is Tom from California. I met him when I was strolling last Saturday and it turns out that he actually teaches English at our offices. He works for a local teaching company so I think is having a very authentic Ukrainian experience.

After the party we went by bus to a club.

The next morning it was hailing!

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