Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sumskaya traffic

Sumskaya is the street where I live and work and it has a lot of traffic.

I was home ill one day and so I had some time to study the traffic. Very often some idiot is honking his horn but at one point there were really a lot of cars doing it simultaneously so I went to see what was going on. Apparently that trolley bus had stopped working in the middle of the street and just across the street that green cap was conveniently parked. The red car also seemed to have stopped but then it started moving.

Later there were these three noisy people announcing the next Sexy 'Something' Party at Misto.

This is outside our office. Often the traffic lights stop working and then a police man comes to help out. This puts a damper to the honking but we still have to deal with the commercials which have recently become a bit louder.

One time some Hare Krishna people where walking up Sumskaya every evening. I guess now they gave up.

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