Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Crimea, day 2

Sunday morning Roman woke us up quite early.

We went to the top of this big rock and we also went swimming at the beach in front of it.

This is the top of the big rock.

Some of the steps were a bit scary, especially where the balustrade was broken.

This is the beach where we were swimming and eating strawberries. In think in the high season it will be impossible to find a place to lie here. In the high season the hotel prices are also three times higher.

This is the center of Semeiz, we went eating at the pink building in the back.

Eating. I had some juice which was somehow made from birch trees. I also had some excellent 'Okroshka', I shall tell more about that dish some other time.

In Yalta I went with Roman and Marina to the Massandra wine factory.

We had a guide which told a lot of stories about the wine. She told us that these wine bottles had been transported to Georgia during the second world war and that they had poured a lot of other wine into the sea so that the Germans would not have the pleasure of drinking it.

We tasted a lot of different wines. It was something like syrup with alcohol, it was quite good. We brought some bottles home for the evening.

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LenKa said...

Massandra's wine sampling sticks in memory:)