Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Crimea, day 3

Our last day in Crimea we also went swimming in the morning and then we went directly to Yalta.

This is a McDonald's in Yalta which was worth visiting because of the good view. To the left of the picture is the harbour and the yellow building up in the mountains is a Danish JYSK shop.

We sat down by the harbour side.

In Yalta we decided to take a bus to a small town called Balaklava. The climate changed near this area. I guess it is a more rainy area, it was more green and there were clouds around the mountain tops.

The harbour in Balaklava was something like a small lake. On the opposite side of the town there was this entrance to a former Soviet submarine factory which was once top secret.

This is inside the submarine factory. Down to the left is the end of a long canal where they would take the submarines, and they would pump out the water and throw away the fish so that they could work.

There were some strange devices which we never figured out what was for, but Pavel thought this would be a good dance floor if they turned the whole place into a night club. Roman told me that Pavel is 'strongly typified' by which he meant that Pavel mainly has two things on his mind, which is eating meat and meeting women.

We went back to Simferopol to catch the train back home and then we had time to have a small guided tour around the harbour.

There were a lot of big military ships. There was also a monument for a Crimean fleet of ships which the Crimeans allegedly sunk themselves in order to block the harbour and thereby keep an enemy away from the city. Like the story with the wine, I guess this is a very typical Russian myth about great sacrifices.

While hanging in the park waiting for our train we saw these cool old people who were playing music and singing together. Later I sneaked by to listen some more and there were a lot more people and some of the old ladies were dancing.

On the other side of the park there were scratching loudspeakers and karaoke-like sounds, it was some young people from the Crimean University of Arts giving a concert. This girl was making a very funny Tina Turner impression, but she was actually dead serious.

In the train, on the way back. Again we were trying to sleep in the train and the following morning we all had to go to our work places.

That Tuesday morning in Kharkov I decided that I would quickly go to my apartment to have a shower, and then I had a bit of a surprise. When I came to my apartment I found that one of the locks was open and inside the apartment I saw some stuff which was not mine. I thought that my cleaning lady might have decided to come early, but then a naked woman came out from my bedroom. She pointed to the bathroom and said something in Russian. I thought she might want a towel, but when I opened the door to my bathroom I found the owner of my apartment sitting on the loo. I decided to go out and wait and when eventually they left I went in to have my shower.

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LenKa said...

I'm impressed with the last paragraph. Renting is a tricky business in Ukraine!