Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Russian pop concert

I went with Semen and his girlfriend to see a concert with an old Russian pop group called DDT. They were playing in the opera and the big hall was completely packed.

For Ukraine the tickets where extremely expensive, up to 60$ a piece. We got the second worst seats for around 20$.

Someone had actually taken our seats but then the authorities stepped in.

This is the third time someone brought the singer some flowers. The first time they even did it while he was trying to sing.

After the last song the audience was screaming louder than any crowd I have ever heard. Then after maybe 15 minutes of screaming the band came back and played their old songs which were what the crowd really wanted to hear.

I got to see some more corners of this strange opera building. Here they are selling vases.

Here they are exhibiting wax sculptures, but it's kind of hard to see them all the way over there.

Some days later I saw this guy who had 'DDT' written on his back with shiny buttons.

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