Monday, May 21, 2007


I usually never go out without my phone, so that in case of an emergency I can always call someone who understands me. Yesterday was the first day I ever went out without my phone and it also was the first time I ever had sort of an emergency. I had been playing football all night and when I came home I realized that I had lost the key to my apartment. My neighbours were not at home and the old ladies guarding the entrance to my building still didn't understand English. They also did not understand what I thought was some universal body language. So I went outside in the park to find a comfortable place to spend the night (I also did not bring enough money for a hotel). But then I actually had a bit of luck. Just outside my apartment I met Jeppe's new girlfriend and I brought her in to talk with the old ladies. As many things here do, it took a lot of discussion. I think she must have discussed with them for around 40 minutes, and still it brought us absolutely nowhere. But then I had some luck for the second time, because while we were in the yard discussing a friend of the owner of my apartment came by and it turned out he actually had a key for the apartment. So this night I got some good sleep and this morning I went back to the football court to look for the key. There I met the slowest man in the whole world, but he opened the court for me and there the key was. I am so lucky.

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