Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Extreme pizza

As I wrote before, they have some very good pizza in Kharkov. And unlike in Denmark they have many very different kinds. Some of them are extremely good, others are just extreme. For example, they have pizzas where the base is is made from the kind of dough which is used in Danish pastries, and as a dressing they offer garlic oil or mayonnaise (sometimes it even isn't optional). Together with rich amounts of cheese and peperoni it makes for some serious bad health. Then there is a pizza where they use a sort of marinade instead of tomato sauce and which is completely covered with a special Ukrainian kind of dried salted meat which is put inside a hard barbecue-like substance. Eating this pizza is like eating a giant bouillon cube. I ate half of one of these and I had a heart burn for the rest of the day.

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