Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Victory in Europe Day

May 8 was the day when the Allies during World War II formally defeated Nazi Germany. I didn't know that before because I realize that in Denmark we don't ever make celebrations about war, but here they do. The celebration was yesterday and I had actually decided to lay low, but it was hard to sleep because of all the loud music and fireworks and people screaming.

Many people had a day off but we were in office and from there we saw this parade.

They were wearing old war outfits and they were looking very clean. I actually don't understand how they can wear that stuff and think about war and be happy at the same time.

In the big square there was a concert and in the end they had some enormous fireworks.

When the fireworks ended I realized how big that square really is because there was a never ending stream of people coming from the square. All of them were screaming and whistling and yelling together, it was sort of scary and I don't even think they were thinking about my sleep. But I thought about how they would ever fit all these people into mini buses or even the metro.

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