Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Ukrainian connection

My company cooperates with a Ukrainian company which facilitates the Ukrainian office, my Ukrainian collegues are actually hired with that company. The company is run by Danish people and one day the manager came from Kiev to inspect our office and find a better location that we can move to. When he came to the office he did not say 'hello' or anything and I think my Ukrainian collegues were a bit offended by that. Usually every morning we even shake hands and also in the afternoon when leaving. But he invited Jeppe and me out for dinner.

The manager to the right and another Danish guy working in Kiev for another Danish company. The only thing they talked about was prostitutes, which were all women according to them. Maybe it was meant as a kind of joke.

I do not have more pictures of that night but we went on to a big club which had a casino, a bowling alley and a disco with strippers (most discos have that here I think). Jeppe picked up some girls and after the Danish guys left we all went bowling for four hours, until five in the morning.

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