Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Danish/Ukrainian music evening

Last friday after work we went to Jeppe's place to drink beers and enjoy music. Jeppe played Kim Larsen and other Danish stuff and our colleagues brought instruments to play Russian/Ukrainian songs.

There we all are. Semen came later.

Max and his girlfriend.

Andrey and me.

Now they are singing like crazy and Andrey plays the guitar very energetically. Max' girlfriend is also a developer but she is very lively. Later I played the drum and they told me I was the best.

Alex has a very beautiful voice and he expresses well the pain in some old Russian songs.

Jeppe is explaining that he is very good at everything. They misunderstood and thought he said he was good because he is Danish. But really there is no reason. Though, it could be because his grand father was the King of Denmark. I think many of the Danish kings were insane.

There Semen is and he is enjoying some dried calamari. They love that stuff but is smells kind of bad. In the middle is Era, she is an old friend of Andrey and she is going to be a doctor. Potato is her favorite vegetable.

Some of us ended up at the Alpha Club, dancing for a long time. Every third or fourth song would be a slow song and Era told me that many Ukrainian boys only want to do the slow dances. In the club there were a lot of big security guys and they felt worried for my security when I leaned against a table. In Ukraine clubs like this still use flouroscent light.

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