Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Skiing and marriages in the forests

After last night's bowling I was still a bit hung over but I was going skiing with Semen and some of his friends.

Semen and his girlfriend. We were going to meet his friends at this big Russian monument for people who died in the second world war. I would have made some more pictures but my new camera apparently does not to work very well in the cold. It was a very Russian monument, large stone thingies and loudspeakers playing music for pathos.

One interesting thing it was to see a sort of marriage parade walking up this path. I have seen something similar in the middle of Kharkov, married people in the park, freezing and drinking champagne. Apparently it is custom for married people to go to these places and have their pictures taken.

Me in the very same place. Underneath the jacket I am wearing two sweaters, a sweatshirt, two shirts, a thermo-shirt and a T-shirt.

Skiing was also fun. I fell only once and I made a small hill inside the forest. This was my first time skiing. If the snow is not going away I will go to some hills which should be near by Kharkov.

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