Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My apartment

Even though I had a lot of trouble getting a place to stay it was worth it because I found an excellent apartment in the middle of Kharkov. It is very unusual because it has western decorations and some facilities not normally seen here. I have to pay 1200$ a month everything included but it is a lot better than some apartments for which they would charge 1000. It is also a lot better than something I would be able to afford back in Copenhagen.

When I came to take over the apartment the owner was walking around half naked, making holes and fixing the pipes. I could see that many of his decorations originate from Germany, and his friend who I met one day spoke some German words. That is why I figure that he is a craftsman who went to Germany to work in construction. He may have made a lot of these apartments for German people and thought that he would make one for himself too. And somehow he managed to get the building materials to Ukraine. But I am only guessing, we couldn't really speak together. He was nice though. He gave me a beer and showed me the porn channel.

This is the living room. To the left is the kitchen, through the right door is the bedroom. There is a big T.V. with more than 1400 channels!

Same room from the other end. Through the left door is a closet room, through the right the bath room. There are a lot of light switches, I will never be bored.

This is the bath room. There is heating in the walls and in the thing that I hang my towels on. There is also 'air suction'.

This is a nice kitchen.

The bedroom. Through the doors is the balcony. Notice the heating system. This is one of few buildings where you can regulate the heating yourself. I also have air condition and a broadband Internet connection. Most other places here still use dial up connections.

This is the best part, the view from the balcony. To the left of the picture is the big opera. One evening they had fireworks.

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LenKa said...

Hi there! I'm Ukrainian, originally from Kharkov, now living in Kiev. I'm reading your blog with great curiosity, as foreigner's opinion about the place I used to live for long years is interesting indeed.

So you lived in Sumskaya Street - the very center of Kharkov. Not bad view from the balcony:)