Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Office trouble

When Christian, the manager from my company was here he complained that our office was too small, so they moved us to a smaller office.

Our new office. Maybe in cubic meters it is bigger, because the ceiling is very high.

In the room right beside the crowded one there is this room with lots of space. Semen and I sit here.

Our office manager is a strange person. Semen and I told him that we would like to sit in the middle of the room and not stare into the wall as we do now. But he told us that we should sit that way because that was 'the way it was designed', and then he left. He also told Jeppe that we could not sit all together in the big room because some people in another team disapproved of that. Jeppe spoke to these people though and they said they did not mind.

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