Monday, September 10, 2007

Wednesday camp

Last Wednesday I went camping/shashliking with Andrey and Max and their friend and Max' girlfriend. We came directly from work and had to get back there the next morning, so it was quite hard for this old guy. Andrey and Max decided to pretend that Wednesday was a day for having a rest because they used all they vacation days to prepare for exams. They are working full time and studying full time at the same time, and they even get straight 'A's.

I borrowed Jakob's new mountain bike and we drove to a place a bit outside of town. Max thought we drove 20 kilometers but I am sure it was only around 5, which was lucky for me. From the place we had a view of a big part of the city, in the evening it was quite beautiful with all the lights. We had our camp just to the right.

I am always amazed at how easily all Ukrainians can make a fire from branches they find lying around. The shashlik spears they put between two big pieces of wood.

This is a video! Not much to see though, but you can hear Andrey playing guitar and singing with the other guys. Andrey is one of the best camp fire guitarists I know.

That's me waking up. Andrey made the photo. Actually I was the only one sleeping in a tent, the other guys were sleeping under the open sky.

Recently Andrey bought an extremely fancy camera and ever since he has been making a million photos. On the trip he brought all his hobbies, which are mountain bike, guitar and the camera.

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