Monday, September 10, 2007

The ghetto

By now we are four Danish people living in Kharkov and together with Tom we are forming a little foreigner ghetto.

One Saturday we all met at Tom's apartment. From the right is Rasmus who is working for another Danish company who has a team in our offices, then Jeppe and Jacob who came to replace me and the old Jeppe, who already went back to Denmark. Tom also invited Vika and Elena who work at our offices.

Tom rented this very cheap apartment far out of town. It is functional but the owners would have done good to watch some of our Danish DIY TV shows. Even I know that you should always clean a surface before painting it but I could see that they had not because the doors were quite sticky.

One thing Americans have in common with Ukrainians is a love of party games. Tom showed us a game which even involved a lot of Vodka.

Other place, same scheme. That time we were only Danish people so we did not have to play with the food.

Jeppe and Jacob took over old Jeppe's apartment, which is big enough for many people.

This is Rasmus' apartment which also has some interesting decorations.

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