Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Brand new office

This is actually old news, we moved to the new office about two months ago. But when it was new news it was also old news because for three months before moving we were promised that we would be moving 'next week'. But I guess the workers hadn't finished just yet and in fact they still really haven't.

Our office is in the 'second' floor (in Denmark first) of this building where they added three extra floors. I don't know what is up with the tape on the windows. They started putting mortar on the sides of the window holes and over the sides of the tape and they removed the scaffolds so I assume the tape is never going to be taken off. I guess now we are just waiting for the tape to dry up and start falling off to create that special Ukrainian half run-down/half built-up look.

Every now and then some guys will come by and fix some of the things they forgot in the first rounds. First some of the air condition machines, then some curtains, then a hand dryer in the toilet, then the rest of the tables, and so on. When they are not drilling wholes on a ladder above my head I don't mind so much.

They hired some old people to look after the building and create a homely atmosphere. I think they sort of live here, I came by late one evening and the man let me in but he did not look to pleased to be woken up.

Now we also have a peace of professional gym gear. One time when our female colleague had left Max 'gave it the whole arm', as we say in Denmark.

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