Monday, September 10, 2007

The metro

It is about time I post some pictures of Kharkov's metro, which is quite excellent. Unlike the toy metro of Copenhagen this metro really makes a difference for the city. It is extremely cheap (about twenty to thirty times cheaper than the Danish) and for one price you can quickly get to any part of the city. That way the city really feels smaller, it makes no difference in which part of the city you are. Besides that the metro stations have some very interesting architecture.

Many of the stations have cool space age retro chandeliers like this one.

This is one of the main stations, close to our old office.

Close-up on the chandelier.

The passage ways remind me of something from Star Wars.

This is where the metro trains take off, also very retro futuristic I think. At the end there is a digital clock telling you how much time has passed since the last train - unlike in Denmark where they try to make some hopeless guess about when the next train will arrive.

In the rush hours there are a lot of people. With some Kharkov people the metro is actually not so popular, I guess the crowds can be too much sometimes.

On a higher level of the station there are small shops selling practically everything. There are even pharmacists selling 'entertainment medicine' without a prescription, I was told.

This is another of my favorite stations.

This station has special torch lamps.

And another of the central stations, like in some kind of castle.

The further you get away from the centre the less fancy the stations get but this one is still quite interesting I think.

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