Monday, March 12, 2007

Women's day

Last Thursday was Ukrainian women's day.

The evening before women's day we had another party at the office, and this time it was the guys who arranged the party. That way it actually was made more of a men's day.

There was a contest to see which of the girls at office would make the best house wife. They had to peel potatoes and use tools and things like that. The blond one is a guy dressed up as a woman, don't worry.

I helped in playing a small concert and after that there were sing-alongs all night long and here Andrey is also playing something. We were using a computer with speakers as a sound system for the vocal.

The next morning it suddenly seemed like spring. Everybody had a day off and in the park in front of my house there were a lot of people enjoying some leisure.

In the evening I went to see a concert with this band who play American pop songs like they were traditional Ukrainian folk songs, Selo 'n' Ludy - Village and People. I liked their double tempo version of 'You can leave your hat on'.

I met Loscha (that is Alex' nick) and his friends. To the right is Olga who speaks English very well. She is on a mission to teach all Ukrainians English so she is working seven days a week and even this evening she was working overtime to help me speak with the Ukrainian people. All the people were extremely nice and the owner of the pub - Churchill's Pub - invited me to come and see a lot of concerts. There was also a girl who I did not talk to but she gave me her number and said 'auf wiedersehen'.

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