Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Russian music television

Of all the 1400 channels I have it is only the music channels that I can make some sense of.

This channel shows American music but in between there are a lot of videos I have never seen and that I assume are Russian. They look completely like American R&B videos in that they have the same glamour styling. But there is something funny about the lyrics. This woman is singing 'I am not a piece of meat' and the refrain, 'we don't have to take our clothes off just to have a good time'. There is also the song 'Jetsetter' where the woman is singing 'you are so exciting and inviting'. And then there is a song with a woman sitting in a glamour snow setting, she is making fake tears, staring at the camera and singing 'let me be you silence'.

There was a break and they showed one commercial. It was for the movie 'Direktøren for det hele' by Danish director Lars Von Trier. I am surprised that Russian movie theaters are showing this movie and also that it is advertised in this pop channel. The movie almost wasn't shown anywhere in Denmark, it is very low key and something I assume Trier mainly made to have a laugh with his friends. But maybe Russians can relate to it because it is about a big swindle.

This is a VJ from another music channel, I like her outfit.

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