Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The police

Last Saturday I had my first encounter with the Ukrainian police. Everybody seem to hate the police here and I was told a lot about how crazy they can be, so it was a bit scary. Also, the place and timing was perhaps the worst possible, I was literally taken with my pants open. I had been walking around for a long time so I really had to pea. I had found a secluded area with many trees and I thought I was completely alone until I turned around and there were three policemen, they had truncheons and one of them had a big scar across his cheek. I don't know if it was luck or because I was trying not to be prejudice with them, but they did not do anything bad to me. They took quite a lot of my time though. They asked me a lot of questions and were talking about drugs and espionage. They also had me empty all of my pockets and one policeman insisted on seeing all 500 pictures in my camera. I think I should have been fined for peeing in public but in the end they just told me that I should not do that, and I said 'sorry'.

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Marc said...

Så kan du lære det! :)
Men god blog. Jeg har smidt linket til hjv-developers...