Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Year/Christmas

Ukrainians don't seem to distinguish so much between New Year and Christmas. I think that must be because during the Soviet times they were not allowed to celebrate Christmas, and to keep some of the traditions they relabeled them as 'New Year traditions'.

On the square there was this enormous 'New Year tree' with an ever changing light show going round the surface of the tree. There were also a lot of ice sculptures on which children where playing.

Andrey brought a New Year tree for the office.

They don't have such decorations at Illums Bolighus.

Santa cake. The Ukrainian/Russian Santa Clause is actually called Father Frost, who is a guy from an old Russian fairy tale. During Stalin they had to make his clothes blue, but now it seems red is back in.

On the balcony of that building DJ Santa was spinning records and in the front these grown up men dressed as mice were making a kind of entertainment.

There were actually not a lot of fireworks around, I guess it is hard to compete with what they show at the square. But anyway you could buy yourself a 'widow maker' (the box with a scull on it).

Sassy New Year's dress, has a lock with a key hole on the front.

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