Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Year party

For New Year's eve we were invited to a party with some people who had rented a quite big two floor apartment.I was personally very excited about that because I thought Ukrainians are usually too anarchistic to actually plan something. But the girls who invited us were very busy because of that party and were discussing secretively a lot of time.

Party time. It turned out that the concept of planning a party is in fact more of a Danish thing. I think what must have kept the girls busy was mainly the concern of how to dress themselves up. At 8 in the evening we arrived at the apartment with our 'hostess presents' (another Danish-only concept, apparently) and besides that t.v., the sofa and three non-English speaking guys there was nothing. Of course we knew that in Ukraine 8 o'clock usually means 9 but we thought that on this special night special rules might apply. Actually we were right because there were no people until 10.

Like in Denmark girls are usually the last to arrive at a party, but in Ukraine they still have to make the food. Jeppe does not seem to have a problem with that.

Ukrainian delights. With a bit of cooperation you can make all that in a snap.

I kind of fish sandwich.

This is the room which later functioned as a dance floor. I have noticed that Ukrainian girls very much like to have their pictures taken next to flowers, apparently a plastic tree can also be used.

At 11 all the people were listening to Putin's New Year speech and there was the Ukrainian speech at 12.

At 12 we lit the 'kransekage' which I had brought from Denmark.

All the food was eaten.

Later many people went to Misto but I went to see Roman and Marina who had also arranged a small party. This is the University metro station early in the morning where people were waiting for the first metro.

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