Tuesday, February 19, 2008

3 months later

I went to Ukraine for ten days around New Year. In the three months since I left a few things changed and I also got to see some new stuff.

I landed in Kiev and met my friend who had bought us some train tickets for Kharkov the same night. We had to go by metro to her place and there were extremely many people there because of New Year/Christmas. One place a lot of people had to get through a single small door and the crowd was like a 'mosh pit' at a heavy concert and the women were screaming.

For all the time I was in Kharkov the construction of the 'Platinum Plaza' next to our office in Sumskaya did not seem to move forward, but now the cold probably encouraged the workers to put up some walls and windows.

The University metro station got new electronic signs.

Jacob and I discovered a new restaurant near one of the suburban metro stations.

Restaurant had a cossack theme going on, the pillar was made like a big drinking cup (notice the handle). In Denmark I really miss these surreal dining experiences.

I went to visit Sasha and Vika who had bought a new cat and their own apartment (2 rooms for $60k). Officially Sasha does not earn as much as he really does so at first he was not able to make the loan. But the apartment company had a procedure for such, he just had to pay something extra to get some fake documents. Roman and Marina also bought an apartment but they still live with Marina's grandmother because the building of the apartment is still under construction. I think also Alex from the office bought an apartment. And they all want to make their apartment interiors 'Euro style', which is probably something like the apartment in Kharkov I rented.

This was also the first time I visited Kharkov's gay club where this drag queen was making a small performance. I was not allowed to make pictures there because being gay in Ukraine is still a bit of a taboo. Jeppe and I had to kiss before they would open the steel gates and let us in, and then we were going 'atrivaitsa' all night.

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