Friday, July 27, 2007

Secrets of Kharkov

There are some things only known to the people of Kharkov, for example the whereabouts of some bus stops. When I first came to Kharkov I often wondered why there where a lot of people standing in the streets for no apparent reason. Only later did I found out that those people are actually waiting for the buses. But you have to know where to wait because most often there are no signs. Similarly a lot of shops have very minimal advertising, you have to know that these shops exist. In a city where practically no people speak English it also is not so convenient for me when they keep the stuff I need under the counter.

You may wonder why these people are just standing there.

I was told that somewhere behind those doors you can buy instruments.

Behind the door to the right is a nice little cafe.

When you don't know Russian even stuff like this is a small mystery. I have no idea what these people are doing except I can see that they are filling out some paper forms and on the building there are pictures of a train accident. Actually, I guess this might be somehow connected to the recent accident in Lviv.

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