Friday, July 27, 2007

The Pimp

Last week I met a real pimp. I was going home from a club early in the morning and I needed a taxi. Already when I met the driver it was a bit strange because he said the price was 'whatever I wanted to pay him' and he had an unusually big and nice car. When I got into the car he started driving slowly in the wrong direction and when I notified him of that he said something like 'just a minute' and 'we will turn around soon'. All the time he was laughing in a kind of nasty way and he was asking me personal questions using some quite rude language. And in between laughing he was calling someone on the phone many times and shouting like a madman. Then he stopped in front of an apartment and a young quite good looking girl came out and into the back seat. She asked me if I liked her and she told me she was a student of economics. The driver had told me that she was not a prostitute but when we finally arrived at my apartment he asked for a lot more money than the usual taxi ride. At that time I thought it would be interesting to talk with a real prostitute so I gave him some money but then they just drove away. I guess that makes me quite a big sucker. What is more dumb though is that he somehow got my number and now he calls me every day and asks if I 'need a lady'. I have to say that this is the first time I met a really unpleasant person and I think I may be sort of happy that he was not actually Ukrainian.

The driver showed me these pictures of him together with a lot of different lightly dressed women.


Anonymous said...

oops... i guess lesson one is don't get into an unusually big car with a scary guy :D.

Anonymous said...

Would this be a taxi driver from Misto??? I think I know the guy and we want to chip in money and "sort him out :-)"

P.S Where's the indian restaurant?

Søren said...

If I help you find a pimp, wouldn't that also make me a kind of pimp..? :) The Indian place is if you go out Prospekt Lenina and turn right when you reach Botanitshni metro. BTW, nice to see another blog like mine! I wonder how many foreigners we are living here now..