Friday, July 27, 2007

Dacha weekend

These pictures are actually some weeks old. They are from a weekend when I went to the dacha of Marina's grandmother. Her grandmother lives there alone with her two big dogs all summer and then Roman and Marina has her apartment in the city alone. I think in the winter time they all live in the apartment together with the dogs.

Marina's grandfather built this whole dacha in 5 years and there actually is a third building. In this small field Marina's grandmother grows vegetables.

Lovely little cucumbers. Actually they never use the big tasteless ones we have in Denmark.

Chilling in the garden, eating cherries and Karakul and drinking tea. The guy is Marina's friend Dmitri, he is a softare engineer in a former Soviet hydro-energy tech company which sells stuff for China and Korea and countries like that.

That is the third house which they primarily use as a kitchen. Marina's grandmother is sitting in front of it.

Preparing the shashlik.

Preparing the fire for shashlik.

There was also a little sauna which we used. The technique they use is to go in and out three times or more. First you sit there for some time then you take a cold shower and then you go to the kitchen and drink some tea, and this is just repeated.

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