Monday, June 25, 2007

Yerevan houses

When you are a tourist somewhere you always get to study a lot of buildings, I also did that in Yerevan.

This building was very near the city center. I don't think I ever saw buildings this trashed in Kharkov.

The center was one big construction area. When standing on the balcony on top of a tall building like the national gallery the sounds from construction work was even louder than the traffic.

More new apartments which no Armenian can afford to buy, but in all the tourist brochures there were ads telling capitalist pigs like me to buy an apartment.

It looks like they just stopped working on this building but some people must have prepaid an apartment and had to move in.

This is kind of a slum area also very near the city centre. There was actually a lot of life in these streets. There were some kids cutting some wood and I tried talking with a man who was watching them. He told me that one kid was Japanese and another aboriginal. I guess he was joking but the one kid actually had an aboriginal style tattoo, though the symbol itself was christian they said.

The same slum area. I know it is the stupidest kind of romanticism but sometimes I think I would be nice to live in a place like that. There is something very human about it. It was not the product of some architects twisted idealism, those people built their own houses based on their own needs and creativity.

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