Monday, June 25, 2007

Semen's birthday

When it was Semen's birthday we went to his family's 'dacha' for the weekend.

This is the dacha, Sunday morning, the day after our first shashlik. I remember we talked about a recent gay parade in Moscow which was ruined by some people. I am a bit surprised that gay people also are not very popular with Ukrainians. Even Semen think that they were not born that way, that they were just badly influenced. But of course he could be right, my 'knowledge' about the subject is also just the dogmas of my culture.

We had cake right after midnight and it was also good for breakfast.

Preparing another round of shashlik. Semen has a special technique for cutting the wood. The axe was one of his presents. One of my presents for him was some wine from Crimea. We drank it after the shashlik and made toasts like they always do here, I also tried saying some frank words for Semen.

For the shashlik they had made a special marinade from onion, sour cream, mayonnaise and some spices.

Girls making salad.

No birthday without some rounds of charades. I gave Semen the word 'ambiguity' which was very hard. Next time I will give him 'membership provider'.

Going to the beach.

Going home. Around the dacha area there were a lot of people working in small fields like this. For many of these people it is actually their main source of income.

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