Monday, June 25, 2007

Coca Cola land

There is no Disney Land in Armenia but there is something which resembles a 'Coca Cola Land'.

Using a lot of Coca Cola merchandise they did a good job of making this old amusement park less charming.

All the kiosks had Coca Cola fridges and The Coca Cola Company seem to have made a very efficient job of ensuring that the fridges only contain their products. Actually it is like that in all of Yerevan, the city is practically flooded with Coca Cola. It is quite sad because soon you will probably not be able to get funny stuff like the tarragon soda. Kyryl told me that they also used to have tarragon sodas in Kharkov.

This commercial is actually quite nice. They must have had a lot of fun decorating that old Soviet Ferris wheel with the symbols of capitalism.

Another hand painted Coca Cola commercial. I am pretty sure that the Coca Cola Company did not pay for having that commercial. I guess like there are people in western countries who have romantic ideas about the monsters of communism there are people who have warm thoughts about the monsters of capitalism.

They did not bother to maintain this Coca Cola commercial. Maybe they eventually had enough Coca Cola.


Runkedor said...

Hvorfor skal coca-cola altid forbindes med kapitalisme? Hvad hvis man nu bare rigtig godt kan lide cola, og ønsker at dele sin glæde med andre?

Søren said...

Ja det er et godt spørgsmål.. :)

Reina said...

It looks fun, a little bit like pop art ;p