Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The elite

I think usually 'the elite' means people who are good at something but in Ukraine it just means 'the rich'. For these 'elite' people they sell 'elite houses', 'elite jeans', 'elite tea' and so on. There is one street in Kharkov where some extremely 'elite' people are living and it is quite a bizarre place.

Just around the corner to the left is the street of the elite.

I think this must be one of the biggest house in Kharkov, still under construction.

Another big house. I was told that in one of these houses the chief of police lives. He actually does not have a very big salary so he must have a good deal of 'unofficial income'.

A house just across the street.

On that balcony you can enjoy the view of your neighbour's grass which in this case is not greener than yours.

In Sumskaya they have been working on some big buildings for a long time. For this one they found a very exclusive name. They say these building are funded by the Kharkov's richest man who is Jewish, not that I have anything against that.

Club Misto, where the elite and some scruffy Danish people like to go.

Other side of the street.

By a casino. Sometimes they need to demark the line between regular people and the elite.

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