Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Office life

I go to the office almost every day.

One day a guy carried a computer to our office and sat down and started to work. Nobody said a word until Jeppe asked him if he was new on our team, and apparently he was. My new collegue's name is Vladimir.

All the teams in our offices work for Danish companies and this other team celebrates that with a big Danish flag. I like that in Ukraine I am able to see a Danish flag without it having some right-wing connotations.

Every day we make some exercise, or that is at least intention. Max and Andrey can make more than 50 of these push ups, I am still at 25.

One day Denis had his birthday. We got him a very convenient device for his aquarium which will automatically feed the fish at given intervals, then he will not waste anymore time on doing that.

Denis brought us this cake. It looks common but it has a quite interesting composition. There are layers made from a sort of hard meringue and there is a layer of caramelized condensed milk with raisins. Then there is a layer of a stiff white substance which I assume is somehow based on egg whites, and on the outside there is a orange tasting frosting which is very light and meringue-like. Like most cakes here it is actually not very rich, I guess they are more French than American inspired.

This is the first day we ate lunch outsite a cafe. Alex just returned from a short trip to Denmark and he is explaining about a strange kind of bread which Danes call 'rugbrød'.

Every monday we go to play football.

We play my company against the others and this day we were winning by 10 goals.

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